the search for quality / materials

Quality is a concept that is hard to define. Different requirements of customers and priorities of manufacturers are only part of the picture. Although there can’t be a generally valid concept of quality, the search for quality is worth it.

Let’s start our search for quality with materials, the material the product is made of. Here we leave the visible surface of the object and look into its core. In woodwork this is easily done with a saw. The right hand picture hows the inners of the usual chipboard, about 90% of all ‘inexpensive’ furniture is made of this. The left hand icture shows the inside of a building board used in FÜNFGELD Möbelbau systems. The serious differences show up clearly. In chipboard only the surface layer is high-quality, when damaged the chips come crumbling out making the board unusable. This differs in the FÜNFGELD Möbelbau systems. The raw pannels are pressed under extremely high pressure. The woodfiber has been coloured with organic dyes beforehand. This results in the boards being homogeneous to the core, in one colour and one material and with an obvious higher density than chipboard. FÜNFGELD boards are comparable to solid wood. A scratch on the surface will not lead to unusable furniture.

We do not search quality on the surface only.