Systemdesign / the LEGO principle

ecological System design





An important building block for an environmentally friendly economy is the development of and transfer to an ecological system design. With an example I would like to clarify what we class as system design.

LEGO blocks are well known the world over. To recognise the original system of LEGO, the latest decennia can be left out. With that I mean the specialty building boxes where youngsters have to stick to specific building schemes to build for instance, a truck.The basic ideas in the development of LEGO were no rigid building manuals. In the contrary, they were offering youngsters flexible ways of developing creativity and proper ideas of their own. That was the basic idea and the real great achievement of the LEGO system.

A system that enables creating ever new things out of simple building blocks. To build, deconstruct and rebuild in a new form and all that in a circuit, without having to produce new building blocks again.If only LEGO blocks were not based on mineral oil, they would qualify for my 100% recognition as an eco friendly future proof system. And that even though LEGO was developed over seventy years ago.

LEGO inspired us.
The circuit of building, dismantling and reconstructing afresh combined with regrowing raw materials was the basic thought behind the development of the Fuenfgeld Furniture System. That way a system was developed that can be simply taken apart into its smallest components. Because of this loss free reconstruction it can be build and rebuild again and again.

Great system design represents care in handling the environment, a saving of regrowing source materials and at the same time it gives flexibility of change and fluidity within the system.

That makes the FÜNFGELD Möbelbausystem all but a rigid system. It is a very flexible system and once taken decisions can be changed again at any time. In furniture building that is a radical system innovation, possible with our worldwide patented furniture connections. So our slogan ‘the flexible furniture system’ promises what we can guarantee for one hundred percent.

Footnote: to be just in this place one cannot forget that the basics of the LEGO system were set up and patented by Hilary Page and his toy firm Kiddicraft round about 1937 in England. The patent was registered in England only. Which was a mistake. That way LEGO, with its origins in Denmark, could easily circumvent the English patent. Hilary Page received the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ for his life’s work in 2007



Wolfgang Fünfgeld

.   und . youtube-video Hilary Page / real father of bricks